5 Examples of Micromoments Where Users Can Undergo Their Microlearning

Posted by Ethan Woidke,

March 18, 2016

The term micro moments was invented by Google to describe a change in the way consumers interact with brands. It is so much more than a marketing term, however. Instead it describes how mobile technology has changed the way we live.

The marketing example does still apply. Today people interact with brands multiple times before making a purchase, and often very briefly. They will see an ad on television, do a general search for a product, like a Facebook page, do a more specific search, favourite a brand Tweet, see a retargeting ad, etc. These are all micro moments.

Checking the weather app on your phone after you turn your alarm off in the morning is also a micro moment. Spending two minutes reading the news over your cereal on your preferred news app is a micro moment too. Playing Candy Crush on the train to work, checking Facebook during a morning tea break, and looking up a recipe over lunch are also micro moments. They are all things that we did differently in the past (weather from radio, news from newspapers, games on a console, recipes from books, and keeping up with friends through real conversations).

As we have previously discussed, micro learning works especially well with mobile. It is a way of learning that fits seamlessly with how people use their phones, i.e. wherever they are, with little planning, and for short periods of time.

Due to the increasing abundance of micro moments in our daily lives, your organisation can benefit from micro moments by implementing bite-sized Training and Development courses on mobile.


5 examples of micro moments where users can undergo their micro learning

  1. On The Commute Mobile learning allows your employees can complete a learning course on their commute to work. This obviously applies to those who take public transport, but you can also give employees who drive or walk to work the opportunity to engage in micro learning on their commute. For example, they could listen to a five minute podcast while in the car: the possibilities are endless.

  2. At Home Think of how many times you pick up and check your phone while at home. The phone might only be in your hand for a few seconds or it might in your hand for 30 minutes, but it is a micro moment. Each one of them is perfect for micro learning: waiting for the dinner in the oven, the 10 minutes before the match starts, over a coffee on a Saturday morning, etc.

  3. At Work - In The Office Most employees have periods of downtime in the office. This doesn’t mean they are being unproductive – we are only talking about periods of time of about 5 minutes. They could use this for a micro learning moment, though – at a tea break, between tasks, etc.

  4. At Work - Out-And-About Mobile learning is delivered on mobile devices so your employees can have micro learning moments anywhere, e.g. in the car waiting for the next meeting, at their home office, etc.

  5. Everywhere In fact, they can engage in a micro learning moments whenever they have their phone with them. That means anytime, anywhere – waiting on their partner in the clothes shop, in Starbucks, sitting in the park, etc.

Micro learning can take place anywhere when it is on mobile.