5 Reasons Why Micro Learning Will Continue to Grow Across 2016

Posted by Ethan Woidke,

March 27, 2016

Micro learning has become hugely popular over recent years, and is now a tool used by companies and learners all over the world. It works by teaching the learner through small, bite size pieces of content. This content is very specific and focused, there is nothing superfluous or distracting, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. What of the future of micro learning though, particularly over the coming year?


Here are five reasons that explain why micro learning will continue to grow in 2016.

  1. Growth In Mobile Phone Use

    Mobile phone ownership and usage rates have been growing rapidly over recent years. Figures show that, worldwide, over 52 percent of people access the internet on a mobile phone. In the US that figure is over 75 percent, while 43 percent of searches on Google in America are done on a mobile device. High phone ownership rates and access to the Internet means that 51 percent of the average user’s connected day is spent on a mobile. They only spend 42 percent on a desktop.

  2. Evolving Tech Expectations

    People have very different expectations from technology now than they used to. They expect to be able to access applications and services whenever they want to, and on any device. They expect it to be clean and clutter free, and it has to work fast. Micro learning delivers on these expectations better than other, more long-form methods of learning.

  3. The Rise Of The Millennial

    This change in expectations from tech is being driven significantly by millennials, a generation that has grown up connected to the internet. They are now in the workforce, with new members joining every year. Micro learning is appealing to this generation.

  4. Shortening Attention Spans

    The attention spans of humans have been decreasing with the development of new technologies and the increasingly widespread use of social media. Today people consume content in bite size pieces, and they communicate in bite size junks. Micro learning fits with this trend towards short attention spans because the concept involves delivering content in short, easy to digest sections.

  5. Fits Into Other Tech Trends

    Micro learning also fits neatly into other tech trends. Two of the most obvious are gaming and social media. They represent enormous traffic on the internet and are industries that are worth many billions. People all over the world access social media platforms and play games every day. Micro learning utilises tools that tap into these trends. Gamification elements of a micro learning course are a crucial part of the process, and users are encouraged to share their progress, successes and achievements on social media.

Micro learning suits almost every learning situation. It is used by companies to improve the skills and knowledge of their employees and it is used by individuals who want to better themselves. It also delivers impressive results, with learners achieving more through micro learning courses than other methods. When this is combined with the technology that is now available, it is likely that micro learning will continue to grow beyond 2016.