5 Reasons Workplace Learning Should be Micro

Posted by Natalie Donalds,

March 15, 2016

Why micro learning is the most important trend in workplace learning

Where there has been a workplace there has always been workplace learning. How that learning is delivered has changed over time, but until recently those changes were small and incremental. With modern technology we have seen more rapid improvements in workplace learning. A number of new trends have started to dominate - e-learning, mobile learning and micro learning.

There is crossover with each of them, but micro learning is probably the most important.


5 reasons workplace learning should be micro:

  1. It’s The Age Of The Millennial By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. That is important because they are the first generation to grow up while being connected to the Internet. Technology is second nature to them, and they demand certain things from that technology. Millennials want technology that it is quick and easy to use with concise content. Platforms like Snapchat and Twitter not only tap into this desire: they are shaping it. One school of thought is that millennials have short attention spans. Another way to look at it is that they are more protective of their time and want personalised, relevant information that is communicated well. In either case, micro learning fits perfectly in the age of the millennial.

  2. Improves Results, One Step At A Time Micro learning raises everyone in a workplace to the same level of knowledge and skill ability, but it does it at a pace that suits the learner. Learners have more confidence and achieve more through micro learning because the structure of the courses ensures they fully understand a concept before moving onto the next. Repetition helps with this, reinforcing what is learnt and improving retention rates. When put together this improves the overall knowledge and skills in a workplace.

  3. The Importance Of Video If you give someone the option of watching a two minute video or reading two pages of text, they will chose the video. With video you can deliver the same amount of information in less time, and it requires less effort from the learner. Micro learning and video are ideal bedfellows.

  4. Easy To Update One concern many people have while learning is if they are being taught the most accurate and up-to-date information. This doesn’t apply in all situations, but in others it is extremely important. Micro learning courses are easy to update as specific lessons can be amended and pushed out to users without affecting the structure or content of the rest of the course. Your users will consequently have more confidence in the information they are being given.

  5. Utilises Gamification Gamification is a growing trend, and is one that you can use in micro learning to enhance the experience of your users. In fact it is an ideal tool to use in micro learning because the gamification element can be short and fun, while reinforcing knowledge and giving users the opportunity to practice new skills.

With micro learning you can engage and motivate the individuals in your workplace, improve their knowledge, teach them new skills, and improve your business.