Why Employees Love Microlearning?

Posted by Isaac Dow,

March 22, 2016

One of the reasons that microlearning is beneficial to your organisation is that your employees love it. When they like and enjoy doing something they will be more likely to do it, and the results will be better. This is good for your organisation, but why exactly do employees like microlearning?


Why employees love microlearning:

  1. They Don't Have To Sit Through Long Content Employees often feel that long form content is not productive. This is particularly problematic when they are busy or under time pressure. Microlearning achieves the same objective, but your employees will not feel that their time has been wasted.

  2. It Is More About Experience Than Training Microlearning techniques are more about experiencing and doing rather than listening or reading. This is more enjoyable for your employees, and it gets better results.

  3. Microlearning Is Focused In long, traditional style training sessions there is a lot of superfluous content. Just think about the start of a training session, where 10 to 15 minutes might be spent welcoming and thanking people, and introducing the course. None of this happens with microlearning. Instead your employees can use their time well by getting straight into the course.

  4. It Is Personal When microlearning courses are delivered on mobile devices, the learning experience is a personal one. This means your employees can learn at a pace that suits them. If they are struggling with a particular area they can spend more time on it without worrying about holding back the progress of others. Similarly, they can press on if they are comfortable with the topic and don’t have to wait for others to catch up.

  5. Suitable For Mobile Devices One of the best ways to deliver a microlearning course is on a mobile device. Employees like this option because they are comfortable using their phones, and they can complete modules or lessons at a time that suits them.

  6. Can Do It At A Time That Suits Them Progressing through the course at a time and pace that suits the individual employee is another reason why people like microlearning. They don’t have to set aside an hour or two to devote to improving their knowledge or learning a new skill. Instead they can take five or 10 minutes of downtime at home, in the office, or on the move to continue through the course.

  7. It Lets Them Learn At Their Own Pace When employees are trained together the course leader has to move at a pace that suits the majority of those in the group. This leads to frustration, both with employees who are not picking up the information quickly, and those that are. Microlearning solves this.

  8. Let's Them Easily Monitor Progress With microlearning your employees will learn and practice a skill or piece of knowledge before they move onto the next stage. This happens repeatedly, as do games and mini tests. This helps to reinforce what has been learned, but it also demonstrates to your employees that they are doing well.

  9. Improves Their Skills And Knowledge The final reason why employees love microlearning is because it works: they will improve their knowledge and skills.