The Power of Gamification in Learning

Posted by Natalie Donalds,

February 18, 2016

Introducing gamification to mobile learning doesn't mean turning your course or lesson into a game. Instead it means introducing game-like features to your lessons. This can include giving users rewards or giving them fun, challenging tasks to complete, like answering multiple choice questions.

So that’s what gamification means, but why should you do it?


Here are seven benefits of gamification that make it powerful:

1. Improves Engagement

Gamifying your mobile learning course will encourage your users to participate more fully. This engagement will also help the student progress through the course quicker and encourages them to spend longer stretches doing the course. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that gamification elements are enjoyable, and they give the user a sense of achievement.

2. Better Retention

When a learning experience is gamified, the participant is more active and involved in the learning process compared to more passive experiences like watching a lecture or reading study material. This leads to better retention of the material. Not only do they learn better with gamified mobile learning, but they remember what they have learned better.

3. Improves Productivity

If a course feels like a chore to the participants, it becomes harder to get through. People put off doing it, and when they do make time, they do so in short bursts, often ending the session before they had planned. Gamification keeps people interested and encourages them to return to complete the lesson sooner.

4. More Fulfilling Experience

The student will have a more fulfilling experience in a gamified mobile learning environment. Collecting badges and other accolades gives the learner a sense of achievement, as does earning rewards. They feel good about themselves, and their confidence builds because they know they are doing well. This keeps them motivated to keep going.

5. Doesn’t Feel Like Work

Gamifying the learning experience also makes it feel less like work. This can be beneficial in all circumstances, as people will feel more relaxed and comfortable when engaging with the course. It is particularly beneficial for those who have to complete the course or the lesson in their own time. When they are having fun trying to accomplish the goals, they won’t feel as much like they are working.

6. Feedback

You can also get valuable feedback from the gamification of your course or lesson. For example, you can check the length of time it takes for people to earn badges. This will tell you if you need to sharpen up particular sections of the course; or you can analyse how well people do on the multiple choice questions to see if you need to rework a section to explain something better.

7. Automation

When you use a mobile learning management system you can automate almost all of the processes that lead to the benefits above. What if you wanted to improve the engagement rates in your course or get people to finish it quicker? You can achieve this through management, but you can also achieve it through adding game-like features.

Gamifying your course is not the answer to everything, but it is a powerful tool.