Why Microlearning Loves Mobile

Posted by Isaac Dow,

March 3, 2016

Microlearning involves gaining knowledge and skills through frequent, short sessions of learning. It is a technique that learners find more fun, engaging, and rewarding. This is because they feel under less pressure and they can more easily monitor their progress. Usually, microlearning courses teach and then reinforce before moving on, so not only do people learn faster, they know they are learning.

Microlearning is a technique that has been used for many years, but why is it so popular on mobile? Why are microlearning techniques such a perfect fit for mobile devices? Here are some of the main reasons.

Top 5 reasons why Microlearning works so well on Mobile:

1. People Use Their Mobiles Out And About

Delivering courses on mobile devices, and structuring those courses into a microlearning format, means people can engage and progress through the course anywhere and at any time. Mobile devices are really the only devices that truly allow this to happen. When your course is on mobile, people taking it can complete modules on the bus on their way to work, or sitting in the cafeteria at lunch over a cup of coffee. People use their mobiles in these sorts of situations anyway, so it’s natural for them to continue through your course when out and about.

2. People Use Their Mobiles In Work Environments

Mobiles are now an important tool in many work environments. Most people keep their phones with them at all times, so will always have the equipment that they need to progress through your course.

3. People Use Their Mobiles At Home

When people get home from work they don't sit at a desk in front of a computer. They no longer open up a laptop while sitting on the sofa either. This is because they can do all the things that they need to on a mobile. Mobiles are more comfortable to hold, they are quicker to use, and they are more personal. It’s also natural to flick them on for a few minutes to check or do something, before going to make the dinner, or get clothing and packed lunches ready for tomorrow. This fits perfectly with microlearning - people can use these short periods of time on their mobiles to complete another module on your course.

4. Cost Effective Method Of Delivery

Mobiles are also a cost effective way of delivering a microlearning course. You have fewer compatibility or device issues to worry about, as most people now own a smartphone - the same cannot be said for tablets or even computers, particularly in the home environment.

5. Easy To Update

One of the benefits to course creators of microlearning is that they’re easier to update. You only have to update the specific section or module if there is a change or development, without any impact on the other sections. Making these changes when your method of delivery is mobile is incredibly easy. All you have to do is push the update to your users’ phones, and they have the new content immediately.